New Beginnings

The stories of homeless individuals often inspire us: people who have faced twists and turns and rocky patches; yet, with determination – and a little help from others – find their way home. Steve* was helped by several partners of The Way Home and is no exception to this rule. Continue Reading


Now Hiring! The Way Home holds first Income Now Job Fair

Job seekers practice interviews and review resumes before the Hiring Event.

Job seekers practice interviews and review resume’s before the Hiring Event.

We have all heard the stereotypes about homeless individuals, so we want to take some time to set the record straight: homeless people do not want nor choose to be homeless; homeless people are not all criminals and addicts; and it is not too expensive to help the homeless population – in fact, it costs more in taxpayer and public funding to not help them!

One of the more prevalent, and perhaps most damaging stereotypes, is that homeless individuals are “lazy” and not interested in gaining employment. The Way Home is proving that stereotype wrong with its Income Now initiative. Continue Reading